Made for the 1 hour game jam #354!

In this game, you have a mirrored clone spaceship that follows you!  There is also a forcefield that protects you from the incoming asteroids!  That doesn't mean those asteroids will be gentle!  Unfortunately, you can only shoot one bullet at a time at the asteroids!

1 point per asteroid killed.  Made for the 1HGJ, but took me about 1:45 to make, not including building it and putting it on

Controls should be obvious, but arrows to move, space to shoot, or a/d to move, click to shoot.  Note that shooting will make your previous bullet disappear.

External resources used:

Made withUnity


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Hah, this is so difficult, i love it

I definitely didn't put gameplay balance in the top of my mind when making it!  Glad to hear you loved it!